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2014 2 Link Sport Mod/MidWest Mod Chassis School

Jan 31 & Feb 1


Bob Harris’ Race Tech Dirt Chassis Schools are designed to help anyone who wants to win more races!

Our 2014 2 Link Sport Mod/MidWest Mod class is perfect for anyone who is involved with an IMCA Sport Mod, Mid-West Modified, Limited Mod, B-Mod ,or anyone who runs a 2-Link Rear Suspension with LIMITED Horsepower.  

This is the best way to learn about your race car and optimize your race equipment’s performance within your specific class guidelines.

2 Day Class $249
The Landmark

56772 241st St
Ames, Iowa

(located at intersection of HWY 30 and I-35)


"Racing today is so competitive, everyone has great equipment. Knowledge and preparation is the difference in winning races." You have invested a lot of time and money in your equipment,why not invest in yourself?
Bob Harris

2 days of Class
Our 2 day classes are designed to give race teams the most amount of information in a reasonable length of time at an affordable price. In fact, we have so much information, we can not fit it into just one day! The information is present in a professional manner but at a level so anyone can understand it. Our goal is to educate our students and provide them with valuable knowledge they can apply to their race program and start winning more races.

“Racing Diary”
We include a large 3 ring notebook that covers our chassis school. Plus, it is loaded with extra valuable information to help throughout your season. We know you can't possible store all your information in your head, our notebook is designed for keeping all your race records and other important set up information well organized and in one spot. It will become your “Racing Diary” and is only available to class attendees. The valuable information packed into this book is well worth the cost of the school alone.

Class Presentation
Visuals are the key to learning! Our complete 2 day course is presented with a power point show on a large screen projector and we include many video clips to enhance your understanding of the material.

Our front and rear suspension simulators are full sized and offer hands on demonstrations. The front simulator will show caster/camber and how they keep your front end stuck to the track.  Our rear simulator will explain the 4Link,  Z Link, and 2Link suspensions and how and why they work.  You can see why your current setup might not work as well as it could. 

Our shock display gives you a cutaway view to help understand the components inside the shock and how the shock works. Shocks are an important fine tuning tool.  They can make a good race car into a winning race car.  In fact, they are so important we have expanded our shock segment to help you understand the valuable tuning aspect they can give your suspension.  We will also cover the new Edge package and how it can improve your season.

The educational aspects you will gain at this seminar will save you many nights of trial and error at the track. We cover the complete race car so the student will have a better understanding of how the car works and how changes affect it’s performance. We have many other parts will be on display as well.

Who will benefit from attending the Race Tech Info Chassis School?
EVERYONE whether you’re a driver, crew chief, crew member, or a racing wife. The knowledge each student gains will make them become a more valuable team member. The majority of the class material will apply to any type of race car.

The material that might not directly apply to your race car will still help you understand the overall race car dynamics. Understanding the mechanics of a race car is the beginning of a championship team.

We will discuss what race teams in limited divisions can do to to get the most performance out of your race cars within the limited changes you are able to make. 

We recommend the driver and crew chief both defiantly attend, because there is too much information for one person to remember. Jump ahead of your competition before the season starts by attending our Dirt Chassis School. Whether you race a Modified, Sport Mod, Stock Car, Hobby Stock, or a Late Model race car this is the best way to learn about your race car and optimize your race equipment’s performance.

We guarantee you will gain valuable knowledge and education about:

• Shocks • Front End Alignment • Caster/ Camber • Toe Settings • Bump Steer • Rear Steer• Roll Steer • Rear Suspension Adjustments • 2 Link • 4 Link • Z Link • Torque Links • Panhard Bars • Brake Systems • Base Line Set - Ups • 15 Proper Scaling Methods • Tire Management • Track Adjustments • What Adjustment to Make and When to Make Them • Understanding the Driver • Pin Pointing What the Race Car Tells You • and Much More



Race Tech DVD
set w/Manual

Stock Car DVD
set w/Manual

Chassis Set - Up

Set-Up Sheets